All in good…time


I finished my class this evening back-to-front or backwards, even: with an intention. Setting an intention for an asana (yoga) class usually comes at the beginning, to focus the mind on a broad, fleeting or quiet aspiration or reflection. But this evening, somehow, it slipped through my new-teacher mind. Happily- and appropriately, it did drop back into my mind as the class drew to its gentle conclusion.

The theme, or intention that I was going to set – and meant to share- was around developing awareness around the idea that all the things we wish for-  desires, kindness, necessary affirmations in life-  come in good time. And so, it fit perfectly that I should at first forget and then be reminded of this humbling and, all too often, challenging acceptance. It will fit when it fits.

The trouble is, all too often, we become attached to these wants, needs, desires and identify with them to such an extent that they end up controlling our minds, hearts, days and nights. The lesson here, is in letting go. Letting go of attachment to the, ‘ I need’, ‘I must have/ do/achieve’. Without the attachment to the ‘I need’, there is no expectation and no chance of disappointment – just acceptance of what is.

This is a lesson which resonates with me ‘off the mat ‘also, as I recently received news that has brought an unexpected affirmation, and while I did not actively desire or ‘need’ it,  has made me aware that fulfillment can happen even if the need is without any particular shape or form prior to it happening!  But when it happens, you know it fits. You realise that – yes, this is what I needed and this is the right moment. And so, the intention to be aware is also the intention of letting go, accepting and trusting that things will happen, when they happen, in their own time. Back -to -front. Upside down. Inside and out.  All… in good time.


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