About Yogalann

Yogalann* is a new yoga venture finding its’ space and balance between Winter and Spring in Limerick City, Ireland. It is being navigated by educator, film maker and qualified yoga teacher (RYT200/ Yoga Alliance UK) Muireann de Barra who is looking forward to deepening her own yoga practice, while nurturing and sharing it with others.

Muireann qualified as an Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow yoga teacher in July 2012 with Sampoorna Yoga school based in Uttarkashi in the Indian Himalayas (http://www.sampoornayoga.com).

The classes, at present are offered to private students only on a weekly basis from January 2013. In time, the fledgling Yogalann will take wings and welcome others aboard. Please join me then! And in the meantime, please feel free to dip in and out of the Yogalann blog,  which will reflect on my teaching and learning past and present.

Hello darkness, leave your shoes outside

* A note on the name, Yogalann. This is a word I made up myself !-and borrows the Irish language suffix -lann -which is commonly used to describe a space of a particular activity…for example in Irish (Gaeilge) the word for ‘book‘ is leabhar and the word for library is leabharlann . Similarly, in Irish to look/watch is ‘amharc’ and theatre, in Irish is amharclann. The word for film is pictiúr –and so cinema becomes, ‘pictiúrlann‘. Lann is pronounced, ‘luhn’.

Yogalann, is a space to practice yoga, and I’m very glad I made it up. 

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